Having just got back from working a winter season in Courchevel, I decided to reflect on some important (and not so important) things that I’ve learnt over the last few months…

  1. There is a dog whose job it is to find people after an avalanche. And he has special doggy goggles!avalanche dog.JPG
  2. You should never, ever, ever (I really can’t stress this enough) sit on the hill with your board in front of you. Especially not at the top of the DC park. Especially not when there’s a pro comp on…(Yes, I learnt the hard way) hit n run.JPG
  3. Snowflakes actually really look like snowflakes! Yeah…This not being my first season I probably should have cottoned on to this a bit sooner…But look how perfect they are!snowflakes.JPG
  4. Marsbar toasties are fucking amazing. Raclette is good and all that, but….This <3toastie.JPG
  5. Seasonnaire fridges (aka the balcony) are a great idea until you get some hardcore frost. I guess this isn’t what people mean when they talk about freezing their eggs…frozen egg.JPG
  6. Chanel and Armani make snowboards…I didn’t learn who actually buys them, but if you find out- give them a slap from me.chanel board.JPG
  7. Sometimes when you’re out skiing, you just have to stop for some Dior…dior ski.JPG
  8. Some people bring Sainsbury’s croissants with them when they go on holiday to France…croissant.JPG
  9. Some people travel with more beauty products than I have ever owned in my life…makeup
  10. Snowboarding is even more fun in the dark.snowboarding in the dark
  11. The tunnels to Italy all close during the winter (except the Mont Blanc one) …I really wish I’d learnt this before driving all the way up to la Rosière…At least the views were nice though. And it’s not like I was hungover or anything. Oh wait…la rosiere.JPG
  12. Being single has its perks…I may cry myself to sleep at night but I ain’t waitin’ in no queue…single perks.JPG
  13. When in doubt, always opt for the café gourmand…cafe gourmand.JPG
  14. Chair- lift signs give the best advice, although this may be the saddest lesson I’ve learnt all season…be happy.JPG
  15. No matter how shit things get, a beer on the top of the mountain in the sun makes everything OK…heineken.JPG

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