After writing a post about Colombian food I felt like I should also write about what I actually eat out here. After overdosing on rice and beans in my first few months I’ve ended up spending a large chunk of my savings… Read More

One of the first things someone warned me about when I arrived in Bogota was that ‘people don’t come to Colombia for the food…’ and after a few days of the hotel buffet  (which was provided at training) I was definitely not… Read More

  As is often the case in my life,  before coming to Azerbaijan one of the main things I was excited about was the food. While I will always bitch about the Turks for putting mint in my Tzatziki, I can no… Read More

Converting my mum to France…

As a pretty dedicated Francophile, it has always frustrated me somewhat that my mum- who has taken me around the world, encouraged and lets face it, funded my own travels- has never really got France. I’m sure other language students will understand… Read More

Making my favourite soup… Perfect for a cold autumn night and post-travel comedown!