All day breakfast Moelwyn Bach/Moelwyn Mawr £5.50/£7.50

Avocado on toast £4 (add poached eggs  £1.50 add smoked salmon £2)

Porridge £4

Muesli £4

Bacon, Gourmet Welsh sausage or egg sandwich £4, extra items £1 (each)

Daily specials

Soup of the day £3.95

Curry of the day £6-£7.50

Smoothie/ Green juice of the day £2.95


Mezé board (hummus, tzatziki, halloumi, feta, olives and pita bread) £4.95/ £6.95

Skinny fries £2.50

Sweet potato fries £2.50

Greek salad £4.95/£6.95

Jacket potatoes (with beans, cheese, tuna and salad, hummus and roast veg) £5.50-£6.50

Sandwiches on white,brown or seeded bread (cheese and pickle, tuna mayonnaise, ham etc) £4.50


Superfood salad (daily mix of quinoa, green leaves, fruit, veg, nuts and seeds) £8.50

Roast Vegetables, hummus and olives £6

Vegetable stir-fry with garlic, lemon and chilli £6

Crispy chicken and tzatziki wrap with salad and skinny fries £7.50

Meat or vegetable chilli with jacket potato, rice or quinoa £7.50

Minute steak, mushrooms and onions with blue cheese sauce on ciabatta with skinny fries £7.95

Gourmet burger with cheese and bacon in a brioche bun with skinny fries £7.50

Extra items

Chicken £1.50

Smoked Salmon £2

King prawns £2

Feta £1

Halloumi £1.50

Olives £2.50

Hummus/Tzatziki £1.50

Bacon/sausage etc £1 (each)

Extra topping on baked potato £1