As is often the case in my life,  before coming to Azerbaijan one of the main things I was excited about was the food. While I will always bitch about the Turks for putting mint in my Tzatziki, I can no… Read More

  Reigning down on lesser villages from an actual elevation of 1747, it seems the so called Courchevel 1850 is  falling short of more than just 103m… Atmosphere for a start… While France is hardly renowned for the charm of its ski… Read More

For our island-hopping escapade this summer, we decided to make the most of cheap Ryanair flights, and use Rhodes as a base for exploring the Dodecanese islands. Unfortunately for us however, that’s about as far as our trip planning went. With everyone being too… Read More

Free Camping out of season in Eristos, Tilos. The main focus of our trip to the Dodecanese islands, as arranged by my friend Lisa, was to camp out in the Greek wilderness. So called ‘Free camping’ has become something of a craze… Read More

  While I spent roughly a third of my time as a housekeeper asking myself what I was doing with my life, it was almost worth it for some of the stories that I’ve got from the season… In this sequel I… Read More

For about five months of the year I like to take a break from my busy lifestyle of traveling the world /sponging off my mum to actually do some proper paid work in French ski resorts. This year, that mostly consisted of… Read More

What to pack for your year abroad?

So I’ve never been the best at packing, especially considering how much of my life I spend living out of a suitcase (clue: by the end of July this year I’d spent less than three weeks in the UK…) While I still… Read More

6 things I wish someone had told me before I went to Rome…

1. Book tickets for the Vatican and the Colosseum in advance -Ok, so technically someone did tell me this, what they didn’t tell me was that the night before doesn’t actually qualify as ‘in advance’. While I was too much of a… Read More

Having just got back from working a winter season in Courchevel, I decided to reflect on some important (and not so important) things that I’ve learnt over the last few months… There is a dog whose job it is to find people… Read More

The darker side of travel…How my first trip to Cambodia started to change my world view.

Of all the life-changing experiences people warned me about when I started out traveling, nothing could prepare me for coming face to face with Cambodia’s brutal past. At 18 I had planned my first real adventure, a jaunt to SE Asia, around… Read More