[For those of you who don’t follow my every move: For the last nine months I’ve been teaching English in a state school on the Caribbean coast of Colombia.] When I first suggested starting a French club to my co-teachers I… Read More

    Seeing #MeToo trending from Colombia last week I got the urge to scream Yo Tambien. Living on the Caribbean coast street harassment affects my life every single day in ways that it kills me to admit.   Will I wear… Read More

  1. Marking sucks. Remember how teachers used to moan about their workload, and bitch that we only had to do one piece of homework while they had to mark 60? Yeah, they were right. And I don’t even have to mark… Read More

One of the first things someone warned me about when I arrived in Bogota was that ‘people don’t come to Colombia for the food…’ and after a few days of the hotel buffet  (which was provided at training) I was definitely not… Read More

It’s baffling how in the 21st Century a refusal to sit back quietly and allow someone to masturbate at you can qualify you as a ‘sassy woman.’

My Colombian listicle got published on Matador Network! Check it out here: https://matadornetwork.com/network/10-things-always-make-smile-colombia/

I’ve been in Colombia for three months now, and I broke my main resolution that I had coming here almost straight away. I was supposed to write every day. And post regularly. Well I kind of kept to the writing part, but most… Read More

  I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Sometimes the best part of traveling is just taking a step back and not doing anything at all. Well, except maybe snowboarding. And the not-so-catchily named  Chalet Pierra Menta 2 in La Plagne… Read More

(Get it? A-Zerbaijan? Yeah I thought it was clever and original. Turns out someone else has already done it (http://www.atoz.az/) Anyway, mine is in no way based on this official tourist propaganda site, so read on for an honest breakdown of the… Read More