Hello and welcome to Kiki’s Cafe! As you may have guessed, it’s not actually a café, but is still best enjoyed with a mug of Earl Grey and your choice of pastry (or three.)

snowboarding selfie

I’m trying to stay away from the oddly contagious travel cliches of Instagram to describe my nomadic but actually not that nomadic life.  I basically live and work abroad, (in Colombia at the moment) teaching English or working in hotels, depending on the season, my mood and my bank balance.

Winter means snowboarding, cheese and red wine (it sounds glamorous if I leave out the toilet scrubbing) and summer means backpacking until I run out of money followed by more teaching.

I write about my travels, my food, my teaching experiences, and about whatever is pissing me off at that particular time (currently my teaching)


I’m not good at gushing life affirming posts about finding myself and I don’t regurgitate travel guides taking selfies at hidden gems that I’ve ‘discovered’ (it’s 2017, no you didn’t)

But if you’re interested in honest, self-deprecating travel stories, click follow 🙂




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