Heading into my fourth ‘gap year’ and wondering if I can still call it that…Home is mostly north Wales, but partly Greece. Sometimes France. So far my adventures have taken me to over 35 different countries.

I’ve spent winters working in Alpine ski resorts in pursuit of my one true love (snowboarding) and I’ve taught English to primary school children in France and Italy.

My next big adventure will take me to Colombia, where I will teach English at secondary school in an unknown location (fingers crossed for the Caribbean!)


As cafés are my natural habitat, Kiki’s Café seemed like an appropriate name for the blog. A café is a place to relax with a good cup of coffee, but also to share stories, ideas and inspiration. It is a place of creativity and nourishment. The menu will consist of my favourite Greek recipes, and when you are full you can mooch around my art gallery! The cosiest cafés have a library, and mine will be made up of my own travel guides and stories, I hope you enjoy them! Last but not least, a café is a place for discussion, whether it’s a political debate or a good old gossip! Feel free to get involved!



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