I know I’ve never stuck to a regular blogging schedule, but I’m starting to feel like I really want to try and be more consistent, even if it means quick, rambling posts rather than semi-serious content. Also since I’m writing more real, semi-grown-up content for other websites I feel like this gives me more wiggle room on here. Yay!


So here goes…


I’m in Switzerland! In all its cheesy glory! My fifth foreign country to live and work in. Although it definitely doesn’t seem very foreign anymore. After almost a year in Colombia, I’m finding just being in Europe really comforting.


I’m loving being able to just hop on an Easyjet flight and be home in a few hours (Ok I’ve only done that once but it’s nice to know that I can!) Whenever I’m cold I remind myself to be grateful that it’s even possible, and while it seems like you have to pay to breathe in Switzerland, not having to buy bags of water to drink is definitely a luxury.


I keep forgetting that I’m not just in France, and then someone will say something ridiculous like ‘nonante’  or ‘you have to pay 288chf a month for your compulsory health insurance that you can never actually use’ and it hits me. Nonante is far more reasonable that quatre-vingt-dix, but the health insurance thing makes me want to leave rather than pay a government who so shamelessly poverty traps their lowest earners. But I guess I can’t really perch up here on my lefty high horse when I’m living in one of the most exclusive ski resorts in the world.


I must say Verbier makes this little champagne socialist pretty happy.  I live like an absolute hobo with most of my belongings in plastic bags, and I haven’t spent more than a week in the same bed since I arrived, but I indulge in wine and fondue, and snowboard almost every day. I get paid to cook which is one of my favourite things in the world, and I also make extra money cleaning up after people who seem to enjoy their lives a lot less than I do. (If this sounds like something you want to do I have some guides to working a ski season coming very soon to Adventure Animals- watch this space)


I’m missing Colombia like crazy though,  even though I was getting a bit frustrated by it towards the end. It doesn’t seem real at times, and then at other times, I find myself daydreaming and assuming that I’ll be back there soon. I think of something I want to tell my students, or of a beach that I’ve been meaning to go back to. I think about the street food and the Juan Valdez tinto frio…It’s safe to say the rose tinted glasses are firmly back on. You can expect some very nostalgia tainted posts (fairly) soon 🙂

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